I dreamt a game.

My dreams are awesome. I have scaled massive buildings, I have killed ninjas lead by sexy twin models, I have turned into a massive swordfish just in time for a flood, but I had never dreamt of a game before!

The game started with a few options to glide to. Imagine Spyro, but instead of being a dragon, you are a little guy wearing a cape. I glide across to a statue, press activate and then suddenly this big mystical cloud swirls around me. As the cloud settles I have got a different coloured cape on and now have a matching hat. I now have the ability to jump higher than normal.

Using my newfound super jump PowerCape I get up on a ledge and entered a little hub area that had a few statues. One statue looked like Bomberman so I went over and activated it. Again, swirly cloud shizzle, poof, new get-up. Except this time I’m dressed like BOMBERMAN! Obviously I could now blow stuff up and had a form of attack.

It occurred to me that this was DLC for the Bomberman 20th Anniversary. (I have no idea when it came out. That is just what the DLC was!) All of the other statues were obviously some kind of DLC, but I never activated those ones. Instead, I jumped back down onto the ledge I glided to and found another statue. This one let me snowboard.

To be honest, from the point it basically became SSX Tricky, except it was mostly just different coloured pipes to grind along. I don’t think this would make it into the full version of the game…

Anyway, I thought of a name for the game.

Cape Crusaders!

Seeing as I was asleep, I was quite proud of my punnage!

I believe that I actually dreamt enough to create a whole game based on things I imagined. There are so many possibilities to have different sections of gameplay and a multitude of PowerCapes! Who says game design is hard?

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