I Miss Ramp

Infographic on LBP level - Ramp
Ramp. That is all.

It might seem strange to those of us who have been playing LittleBigPlanet since the very beginning, but the original level was taken down more than 4 years and 7 months ago. That is a long time.

If you have played Ramp though, I am sure you remember it vividly. Some skateboards and a rocket leading to hundreds of point bubbles. This is all it took to get 2 million plays.

It is crazy to think that this is all it took, when people spend weeks and weeks perfecting their levels to deliver great gameplay, stunning visuals and an amazing narrative. However, it is quite easy to explain. This level was created in the original LBP beta and started generating traffic here. From this point it was added to the cool levels page in the game. With the huge influx of players when the game came out, people wanted to get online to see what the game had to offer. This just meant that more and more players would end up playing the first “cool level”.

That isn’t all though. A large portion of LBP’s audience was very young. The average attention span of these youngsters was… well… terrible. They would have given up on this post by now anyway! The mentality here is, “Ooh! That was fun for 20 seconds! I’m going to play again with my friends!” This, coupled with the flawed level design, lead to a lot of replays, meaning it stayed on the cool levels page even longer!

Obviously with this kind of popularity, there is going to be a lot of hate. People get jealous/annoyed/troll-ish/whatever the hell they do it for and started leaving horrible comments and sending some terrible messages. The creator of the level didn’t want popularity. He was just messing around in the beta and had a big ol’ fluke in getting a mega-popular level.

A little while before he took it down, the level description was changed to the following:
“I made this in beta, please stop sending me threatening messages”

In the end it clearly got too much. There were rumours that it was taken down by Media Molecule and kept as evidence of bullying, but I think this is just a load of bull-sack. I think he probably just took it down so people stopped sending him messages.

Overall, I do kind of miss it. Talking about it now has given me a HUGE dose of nostalgia and got me going back through the archives. So a big thanks to Ramp there! In the words of LBPodcast, 5 stars. (Yes, they actually gave it 5 stars. Out of 5.)

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