The Top 5 Most Unique Levels on LittleBigPlanet 2

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Without further ado, I give you: The Top 5 Most Unique Levels on LittleBigPlanet 2.

Now, you may be wondering, what on earth would be the criteria for such a prestigious award to be handed out!? Well, when finding the levels for this here blog, I simply went off what levels were created in such a spectacular way that they are rivalled by none other in the LittleBigPlanet community. They may not be the best levels in the world, but they are without a doubt some of the most unique.

Let’s get started.

In at Number 5:

PipeWorks by ComishGuy67: PipeWorks [1P]

In this simple, yet exciting and interesting level, you had to move one ball from a starting point and, using a number of different pipe objects, get the ball in to the goal at the bottom of the screen. 

This unique and entertaining game is one that hasn’t been attempted before in LittleBigPlanet, and I have to say was a level that kept me up all night trying to beat the high score. A must play for fans of trying to better their previous attempts.

In at Number 4:

Cause and Effect (Namely 5) by Tripletremelo: Cause And Effect 5 (Film)

Okay, so technically this is a film more than a level, but it still falls in to the category of very unique for its time. Cause and Effect was simply a film where you’d watch a series of events unfold in a domino kind of fashion until you were presented with the scoreboard.

Having created 5 of these types of levels, Triple ended up with over 10,000 hearts until eventually, a bit like lots of others, he/she dropped of the face of the planet. Still a great concept and one worthy of a mention.

In at Number 3:

Blast Radius by Johnee: Blast Radius

Blast Radius, to me at least, was the pinnacle of all twin stick shooters. It was, in essence, just an LBP version of Asteroid, the famous game of old. However, never before had I seen and enjoyed a twin stick shooter more than I did here.

Both the mechanics of the game and the visuals of the level make this one of the best twin stick shooters available to the community to this day, and one that offers an endless stream of entertainment, no matter how many times you play it.

In at Number 2:

Clockworx 2 by Nuclearfish Clockworx 2

Clockworx 2 will always be in my mind as one of the first LBP2 levels that I played. It hit the Cool Pages in the first couple of months of the games release and really showed up just how far the community had come from the first game. It also, by just bouncing around for ages in a confined circle, showed off the brilliance of the new bounce pad features.

To this day, I still believe that this was the level (along with its predecessor) that started the era of excessive bounce pad usage, and it will forever be in my heart as one of the best looking and well crafted levels that, coupled with its unique gameplay, helped forge LBP in to what it is today.

And in at Number 1:

CHEAT! by Sharfik1995: CHEAT! (Mini-game)

Well, this might come as a surprise, but I simply had to include this level as the number 1 spot. It was a tough one, but for me, this was so unique for the LBP community and so fun that it had to be mentioned. In CHEAT! you must move from your desk and copy the work off an allocated person (indicated with a yellow marker) without being spotted by the teacher (indicated by a red marker).

A simple concept, a new one, a unique one, and one that, even though only recently published, shows that the era of creating new and exciting things in LittleBigPlanet is far from dead.


Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to hearing from you. Do you agree? Let me know!

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