Sackinima logo stickers for LBP2

Just as he did for LittleBigPlanet Vita, Sackinima Forums member xxMATEOSxx has created some fantastic Sackinima logo stickers in LittleBigPlanet 2. You can you use to show your love (or otherwise!) of the site or anything else we do by sticking these in your LBP 2 levels. If you’re not too keen on the background colours used in any of these stickers, Matt has also provided the sticker panel object he used to create them so you can use it as it is or with a different background. I for one will definitely be using these from now on (I already used one of the stickers he created for LBP Vita in a level). You can collect these awesome stickers from this level and read more in this thread on the forums.

Thanks Matt! <3

2 thoughts on “Sackinima logo stickers for LBP2

  1. Awesome! You know there’s a cool glitch around to make objects stickers so you could use that to make some rad background-less Sackinima stickers! 🙂

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