LBP Little Challenges Starting up

What’s this? The first in a series of “Little Challenges” has begun apparently! And uhh, you can check the details on it over here! Or if you’d rather see the tweet copy/pasted on this blog post for whatever reason… “Time for our first #LittleChallenge! Sackboy Is Not Alone! Get together Continue reading LBP Little Challenges Starting up

Wendigo Wednesday #7

Wendigos are big and scary, they’re not hairy they are scary- oh hello there! Time for another Wendigo Wednesday, folks! This week‘s selection from Mm includes creations by @Renaultmilton and @Dumptyyy from Twitter along with Kubag7_5Aver from The Tearaway crew has decided to add in their own lovely pieces Continue reading Wendigo Wednesday #7

Tarsier Studios Interviewed by OnlySP

Care to hear more about LBPVita developer Tarsier Studios and their upcoming project Hunger? Well, OnlySP, a site that specializes in covering single player games, has interviewed a member of the Swedish game development company and posted said interview in two separate segments. The first part, posted yesterday, goes on Continue reading Tarsier Studios Interviewed by OnlySP

New Insights on the Wassail Rave Conspiracies

Aa yes, the Wassail Rave. How wondrous and out-of-nowhere it was, but guess what? WE WERE WARNED. Or if you’d like to read that very tweet I just linked to here instead… “All that Drum & Bass reminds me of the time I typed “Wassail Rave” in to the footer’s Continue reading New Insights on the Wassail Rave Conspiracies Easter Egg Discovered!

Well what do we have here? After digging through the source code for, our very own Moleynator found and shared with us a very peculiar easter egg lurking within that very lovely, papercraft website. Specifically, if you scroll down to the bottom of the site’s home page, click on the Continue reading Easter Egg Discovered!

‘Sackboy Loves Indie Month’ Packs Unveiled!

First there was a tentacl-  er.. I mean an ordinary dad’s hand. Then there was a wave of blonde hair. And then there was a chunk of an orange block. And finally, there was a furry mouth with a stitched tongue (that wasn’t related to a certain Fazzbear, despite some Continue reading ‘Sackboy Loves Indie Month’ Packs Unveiled!