‘Sackboy Loves Indie Month’ Packs Unveiled!

First there was a tentacl-  er.. I mean an ordinary dad’s hand. Then there was a wave of blonde hair. And then there was a chunk of an orange block. And finally, there was a furry mouth with a stitched tongue (that wasn’t related to a certain Fazzbear, despite some beliefs). Now, they’ve all come together. DLC for Octodad, Velocity 2X, Thomas Was Alone, and Don’t Starve will make its way to LittleBigPlanet over the course of May, for what’s being called Sackboy Loves Indie Month! As for a more specific look at that release schedule..

  • 15th May: Octodad Costume
  • 15th May: Velocity 2X – Lt. Kai Tana Costume
  • 20th May: Thomas Was Alone Minipack
  • 27th May: Don’t Starve Costume Pack

..which means you’ll be able to purchase the Octodad and Velocity 2X outfits today! Well, at least for some of us, I’m not quite sure yet. You can also check out the lovely LBP wallpapers made with the content from these just as lovely indie games. They’re also available to check out and download at LittleBigPlanet.com, with more wallpapers on the way for both Thomas Was Alone and Don’t Starve. Discussion for the DLC is going on here.

Octodad Banner Don't Starve Banner Thomas Banner Velocity Banner

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