Team Picks for May 15th, 2015

Happy May 15th, everyone, and happy National Chocolate Chip Day as well! Underneath this paragraph lies a freshly baked batch of new Team Picks for all of you to enjoy, courtesy of StevenI I imagine, as plenty of us eagerly await for the weekend to once again welcome us with open arms. And cookies perhaps. But healthy food and not being too influenced by wacky holidays is also good. What was I talking about again?

Treasure Island (platformer) PS4 by kip_paard_koe123

WANTED SACK!! リビッサガシ by pinkzep

Steam Frigates – Arctic Battlefield [2-4p] by Shaggy40000

And now for a recording for each one! Well, except for Steam Frigates I’m afraid. I wanted to publish a recording for each team picked level as soon as I could, and that level is a versus one.

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