Tearaway.me Easter Egg Discovered!


Well what do we have here? After digging through the source code for tearaway.me, our very own Moleynator found and shared with us a very peculiar easter egg lurking within that very lovely, papercraft website. Specifically, if you scroll down to the bottom of the site’s home page, click on the search bar with a grey ‘Hmm?’ inside it, type in “Wassail Rave” (no quotations) and hit Enter…. well, you’ll be in for quite a treat (the images can get a bit flashy by the way).

Thanks again to Moleynator for pointing this out via Twitter, to ApparentlyShane for setting up a thread to discuss the wonderful secret hidden, and to The1Jaren for extracting the once-secretive song, which you can listen to by itself here.

Edit: Ard/CogMonkey has uploaded a video of Wassail Rave for your enjoyment. Should be helpful for those on mobile at least, since the easter egg doesn’t seem to fully work on phones and tablets. Thanks Ard!

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