What We Know of Mm’s Mystery PS4 Project

Media Molecule has something in the works for PS4 alongside Tearaway: Unfolded, but what is it? Well, we don’t really know much so far, but it’s been said that we’ll see more of this project some time this year, and E3, the biggest video game convention out there, is less than a month way. That seems like a pretty nice opportunity for Sony and Mm to show fans a lot more about this curious title they’ve managed to keep hidden. But until then or whatever date more info drops for the game, let us review what’s already been shown. Or at least everything I was able to dig up.


January 31st, 2013. A video titled #Playstation2013 is uploaded to the PlayStation youtube channel along with a teaser site, leading up to the February 20th reveal of the PlayStation 4 (code-named the Orbis). Around Feb 10th/11th, many gaming sites reported something interesting that had appeared on Media Molecule’s website. If you go to the ‘Games’ section of it, you’d see links to pages for LBP, LBP2, Tearaway (and Unfolded now), and a peculiar question mark. Click on it, and you get this mysterious page, saying “It’s a Mystery,” with question mark’s release date being “the future,” and to finish it off, you’ve got this song by Toyah posted at the bottom.

Weird, but it certainly seemed like we’d hear more about the mystery project that Media Molecule was working on during the February 20th conference. And so we did… well, we saw a tech demo. Here is that tech demo. Take it away, Alex!

In it, Alex Evans mentions the goal of “taking creative gaming to the next level” by letting people record their dreams and having Mm make the PlayStation 4 the “creative console.” A 3D Play-Create-Share ecosystem of dreams is what they were shooting for, but without facing the technical mess he calls “the Tyranny of the Polygon.” After trying out all sorts of controller/UI methods, a sculpting program had been designed, with developers creating different clay-like pieces and sets with the use of the PS Move controller and a very simple user interface system.

Every single move appears to be recorded in this program, so that a timelapse of every detail can be played back. Pretty cool, eh? Did you catch the PS3 controller model on the right at 3:58? Around five minutes in, we see a guitar and two dancers, and the dancers are being controlled by two players who are each holding a move controller. Different colors are shown as opposed to the simple shades of brown earlier, and we see a rad guitar that certainly looks to exhibit different materials. We see their heads, legs, and arms move around, and one of them picks up and plays the guitar in the middle.

More people are shown who control other characters playing some slick-looking instruments then. Were they all playing at once? How were the movesets determined? And how was the music actually played with all the simple flicks of the Move controller? It seemed more like a fun simulation of moving about, since the drums didn’t seem to sync with the drummer at times and flailing the controller around a bit does not necessarily equal epic guitar solo. 😉 Sorry if I sound cynical here, but it was a bit silly, heh.

The video ends with that as you can see, but the next day, a blog post appeared on Media Molecule’s own website, where Siobhan shared some cool behind the scenes pictures for their presentation.

Mm 1 Mm 2 Mm 3 Mm 4


A game based around dreams. I believe it was jwwphotos who suggested calling the project ‘Dream’ until an official name was unveiled, and so that title has appeared to stick with the community. Quite fitting, I must say. There were plenty of nice comments underneath the blog post concerning Dream, which was nice because Dream looks really cool. Siobhan stated that Mm was also hiring at that time in the same post. About a month later, a blog post from Spaff mentioned needing a UI designer, “working across different projects on different platforms.” Design/coding people also mentioned by the staff aroudn then.

Not much after that, after all the focus is on talking about Tearaway and building to its release. We do see clips of Dream in Sony’s CES video in early 2014 alongside footage of LBP and Tearaway, but it’s the same footage from the tech demo in the year prior. But then in July, something odd was shown. To quote the video description…

“SEIZURE WARNING: lots of flashy flashy!

A rendering error one of our artists Stefan experienced whilst working on our unannounced PS4 project caused this trippy sequence of colourful nonsense that simply begged to be shared in its full unedited glory… naturally only after we slapped some techno over the top of it.

Consider it an exclusive peek at our new game if you like, it’s not particularly revealing, but we found it amusing! If you’ve seen our tech demo from the PS4 announcement, then you’ll spot a familiar face…”

‘Tis but a glitch, sure, but at least it’s something! And it’s quite neat too.

And then, finally, we have this nice and tease-a-rific tweet by Mark Healey. Specifically, the “Reveal New Media Molecule ‘Game'” part. 🙂 Very excited to hear more about what Dream will turn into officially, and you can expect for there to be plenty of coverage for it on both the Sackinima blog and forums once more info on it comes in. In fact, we’ve already got a thread up for the game in the meantime.


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