LBP Little Challenges Starting up

What’s this? The first in a series of “Little Challenges” has begun apparently! And uhh, you can check the details on it over here!

Or if you’d rather see the tweet copy/pasted on this blog post for whatever reason…

“Time for our first #LittleChallenge! Sackboy Is Not Alone! Get together with your friends in-game and SHARE your best group photos with us!” – @LittleBigPlanet

There should also be details regarding the challenge within LBP3. So good luck everyone! Featured image by @YMaote. You can also check it out below alongside some of the other #LittleChallenge entries shared thus far, by @lemurboy123, @PSN_cyclist67, and @GigaSmashDevinX.


Little 2 Little 3 Little 4

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