Wendigo Wednesday #8

A lovely trio of Wendigo fan art has made their way onto the Mm blog with the site’s latest episode of Wendigo Wednesday! They are courtesy of @HelloGoba and @Renaultmilton  from Twitter along with DODO53100 from tearaway.me. You can check them all out below or over on the Mm blog with its slick background and cool comments attached! Oh, and the Tearaway crew also have put up a super awesome #WendigoWednesday wall to compile a number of the wonderful pieces that people have been sending in for this magnificent papercraft creature! Very cool.

It truly looks great, and just remember, if you’d like to discuss Wendigo Wednesday some over on the Sackinima Forums, there’s a thread up for it. Later then!

Wendigo 8-1 Wendigo 8-2 Wendigo 8-3

Wendigo Wall

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