Team Picks for May 29th, 2015

Happy Saturday folks, we have a new trio of Team Picks to discuss! I’m not quite sure why there was an absence of new developer favorites last week, but whatever the case, we saw a new batch of them as of yesterday, and you can click on the links below to queue them all up. I’d attach recordings for them like I have in the past couple of Team Pick blog posts, but I’m already a day late on reporting this and PSN doesn’t want to cooperate with me it seems.

Baihu Bluffs (Hard) by SLS10

Ride the Bull [1-4 Players] by bOOtje13

An Archery Game 2 [1-4p] by Shaggy40000

Ah well. In other news, the winner for the Tearaway Unfolded Costume Contest has been chosen! The Tearaway Twitter account has noted that they’ll announce the winner as soon as they’ve made contact with them. Expect to see a blog post here regarding that!

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