Wendigo Wednesday #6

Yes, today is Wednesday, and that means another Wendigo feature from the Tearaway crew! The sixth papercraft showcase can be located here, with the same pictures there posted down below. The wonderful fan art comes from @halfup, @leklack, @CraftMasterMC, @Dumptyyy, and @Renaultmilton via Twitter. If you missed this week, no Continue reading Wendigo Wednesday #6

More and more DLC Teased!

It looks like DLC for the hit indie game Velocity 2X has been teased as well now! It’s worth noting that the LBP downloadable content was already mentioned in the latest Playstation Store update post under ‘PS4 Add-ons’ (thanks to @MrZebraGamer for pointing that out). And it probably has something to do Continue reading More and more DLC Teased!

LBP3 1.07 Update is Live!

The latest update for LittleBigPlanet 3, version 1.07 to be exact, has officially started making its way across all regions, with the main addition here being the “greatly-expanded Note Tool feature set” as StevenI has pointed out. With it, you’ll be able to now display text for in-game messages to Continue reading LBP3 1.07 Update is Live!

7 Awesome Classic Arcade and Carnival Levels

The LittleBigPlanet team has decided to feature seven of their favorite arcade/carnival levels in LittleBigPlanet 3 on their official Youtube channel. Nice taste too, they all look like a treat to play through. 🙂 You can check out Sumo Digital’s nice montage above, with lbp.me links for all of the highlighted Continue reading 7 Awesome Classic Arcade and Carnival Levels

Introducing “Sackinima Plays”

As of yesterday, Moleynator started a new series on the Sackinima channel called ‘Sackinima Plays!’ In it, he’ll be playing through all sorts of LBP community levels with friends and members of the Sackinima-verse while providing some entertaining commentary throughout. You can check out the first video for it above, Continue reading Introducing “Sackinima Plays”

Tearaway Unfolded Costume Contest Announced!

A new Tearaway competition has just been announced! Media Molecule is looking for an additional messenger outfit from the community to feature in the upcoming PS4 title “Tearaway: Unfolded.” The goal here is to design your own outfit for Iota or Atoi within the original Tearaway or in real life, Continue reading Tearaway Unfolded Costume Contest Announced!