Media Molecule’s “Dreams” Unveiled at E3 2015

A lot went down during the PlayStation E3 2015 press conference just earlier, and that includes a look at the mysterious PS4 project that Media Molecule has been hard at work on over the past four years! Referred to by the community simply as ‘Dream’, the motion-based sculpting game Mm has been putting together now has an official title: ‘Dreams’! The trailer and brief bit of gameplay shown today for the title still keeps things very vague, but it definitely looks intriguing with the variety of creations displayed, the non-clay effects shown off, and the motion-based puppeteering put to the test for a moment.

So you can check that out above, along with an assortment of screenshots from that very trailer placed down below. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments here or over on the Sackinima thread for Dreams, and apparently we’ll be hearing more about it during Paris Games Week in October. Did you catch Atoi in one of the bubbles in the video’s thumbnail and at its end? And look, the main Media Molecule webpage has changed!

Dreams 1

Dreams 2 Dreams 3 Dreams 4 Dreams 5 Dreams 6 Dreams 7

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