Tearaway Unfolded Companion App Revealed


A companion app for Tearaway Unfolded has just recently been revealed! Launching September 8th along with the PS4 game, this second screen application for smartphones, tablets, and the PSVita will allow people not playing to draw all sorts of custom bits of paper that can be sent into the game world for the person who is playing. The app will be available within the PlayStation app itself. As you can see in the E3 interview above regarding the upcoming title, Rex Crowle mentions how a number of people who played the original Tearaway on the PSVita enjoyed doing so with others, and yet those not playing couldn’t really join in before.

This new tool for friends to use along with the animated gif lens that was also shown off in the video are sure to help keep things interested for Tearaway Unfolded. Oh, and here are some snapshots of the companion app in action, courtesy of Rex over at the PlayStation blog:

Tearaway 1 Tearaway 2 Tearaway 3

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