Introducing “LBP Community Rewind!”

Attention fellow gadders! A brand new series for the Sackinima blog is beginning, and it’s called “LBP Community Rewind!” Once every two weeks, a new LBP Community Rewind will be posted to this site, containing the latest scoop on what members of the LittleBigPlanet community have been hashing out, may it be levels, videos, contests, tutorials, and so forth. But I’ll need the community’s help! Post any info within these two weeks (and the last two weeks before this) that fits with what LBP Community Rewind is aiming to compile for its first episode in the comments below, or via the series’ thread already up on the Sackinima Forums, or in the other, similar threads planned to be posted over on additional LBP fansites like LittleBigNetwork, LittleBigPlanetarium, and LittleBigForum soon enough.

And with that, I’m off. Thanks for reading through this, and yes, it’s definitely a lot like Rocket Cheetah’s “This Week in LBP” series. If you have any questions/suggestions about this all, feel free to share them. 😀

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