Get Your “Dreams” Questions Answered! Plus Plans with the Game on Sackinima

Moleynator, an administrator for the Sackinima Forums and one of the people behind Sackinima in general, has opened up a thread to answer your questions on Media Molecule’s new Play-Create-Share game in the works for PS4, Dreams! If you have an account on those forums or wish to make one, then be sure to pick his brain on the glimpses he got of this artistic, clay-a-rific game that many molecules have been hard at work on. Moley has noted that he’ll be planning lots of content for Dreams on the Sackinima Youtune channel by the way, and if you haven’t noticed yet, a Dreams forum has been opened up over on the Sackinima Forums.

So feel free to visit that section of the site when you get the chance, and discuss away! Also, don’t forget about the Paris Games Week, where Alex Evans says we’ll be hearing more details of their game. Aside from the addition of the Dreams forum, Sackinima Forums also received a spiffy banner update recently to include a couple dream bubbles from the E3 announcement. So thanks for making those changes Ard!

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