“LBP3: The Journey Home” Adventure Map Leaked w/ More Details

Until “LittleBigPlanet 3: The Journey Home” arrives next month (more details on the pack here), this recently leaked photo of the DLC’s Adventure map should give us a better idea of what will be going on with it. Thanks to DiamondDiancie10 from LittleBigForum for sharing it!


So then, it looks like the three themes advertised in the pack’s reveal will be the only ones you’ll be exploring, that is the Wedding, the Factory of a Better Tomorrow, and The Gardens. It looks to be like there will be 2 cutscenes, 3 standard levels, and 3 co-op challenges included, with 1 standard level and 1 co-op challenge per theme and one of LBP3’s additional characters focused on for each theme. After some questions on LBF regarding how Sackboy/thing will be involved in the DLC, StevenI responded with the following:

“Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about him!

Sackboy does make an appearance in the cinematics and in the co-op challenge levels.
He’s going to need some help from his friends and your friends to complete those new challenges!”

Also, another comment from StevenI on the Sackinima Forums thread for the kit, responding to if there will be “sweet music tracks to accompany it”:

“There sure will be! They will be Interactive Tracks too!”

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