Wendigo Wednesday #11

After a week off from this little old series, what with E3 occurring and details to be shared for Dreams and Tearaway Unfolded, Wendigo Wednesday is back and as a double feature today, with Wendigo fan art compiled from both last week and the week before last. Logical! 😀

As mentioned in the blog post linked to above, credit for the pieces goes out to @Dumptyyy, @Sandro8708, @Renaultmilton, SAC_6F6, DucksEatPizza, cristian1210lol, and Psithuros. You can check them all out there or right below.

Wendigo 11-1

Wendigo 11-2

Wendigo 11-3

Wendigo 11-4

Wendigo 11-5

Wendigo 11-6

Wendigo 11-7



Wendigo 11-8

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