Level of the Day Archives Set Up by DRAGON-CAT

As some of you know, the Level of the Day feature launched on LBP3 back in late April, and it’s made for quite a nice addition to the game’s initially lacking set of community features (at least when compared to what LBP2 had set up). However, levels showcased for Level of the Day were only listed as such for the day they became the level of the day, meaning the game’s community filters didn’t archive them like Team Picks. In a way, this is kind of neat since it encourages players to get on LBP3 more often to see the latest level of the day before its replaced, but seeing what came before could still be really nice (especially for the creators featured!).

Luckily, fellow LBPer DRAGON-CAT has had us covered ever since the Level of the Day feature popped up. You can go here to see their set of lists, including the featured creations in the end of April when the series began, May, and nearly all of June. Thanks a lot for keeping us informed on them, Dragoncat! ^^

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