New Bloggers Approach!

Some of you attentive readers may have just noticed that the most recent blog post before this one here was written up by another Sackinima blogger, LittleBigSnooth. Well, it turns out that both he and BLAHBLAH1000 have joined with me to form….. *drum roll please* ……………. …….. ……………………… ..the Sackinima Continue reading New Bloggers Approach!

Get Your Wallets Out, Tearaway Unfolded Just Went Gold!

That’s right, folks, Tearaway Unfolded has just received the go ahead to be shipped to stores now that development has finished! A very welcomed bit of news, albeit not surprising considering how fantastic the game looks and following the success of the first Tearaway game back in 2013. The Media Continue reading Get Your Wallets Out, Tearaway Unfolded Just Went Gold!

Team Picks for July 24th, 2015

Hey, have you had your weekly dose of Team Picking goodness? Here, we see the creations Druidia, Ultimate Blast Force, and DUBLEX receive the lovely pink ribbon each. Congrats to those who had their levels picked, including SackboyFriend with his minigame Ultimate Blast Force, which you can also find in Continue reading Team Picks for July 24th, 2015

LBPCentral is Coming Back?!?!

Could it really be? Today, LBPCentral came back online… well, sort of. The forums still haven’t returned, but you can now log back into your account, view your profile, groups, conversations, and even message other members! It’s a big step forward for the site, which has been down for months Continue reading LBPCentral is Coming Back?!?!

LBP3 Update 1.11 is Out, Plus ‘Sci-Fi Adventures Level Kit’ Releases

The 1.11 patch for LittleBigPlanet 3 has recently released across all regions, including “bug fixes” according to the game’s update history, and “some compatibility fixes for upcoming content” according to the @LittleBigPlanet Twitter account. And right before v.1.11 hit, we also saw the release of the ‘LittleBigPlanet 3 Sci-Fi Adventures Continue reading LBP3 Update 1.11 is Out, Plus ‘Sci-Fi Adventures Level Kit’ Releases

‘Audio Lead’ Position Open for Dreams

A new position has opened up for an audio lead to help work on Media Molecule’s PS4 project Dreams. If you’re interested in what the job entails and how to apply, then you can check out all the lovely bits of information for it here. Let’s hope it’s someone who Continue reading ‘Audio Lead’ Position Open for Dreams

Wendigo Wednesday #14

Wendigos abound! Here is the fourteenth installment of the Wendigo Wednesday series over at the Mm Blog, with two featured pieces created by @JoyKFerret (also here), three by Dumptyyy (also here and here), and two by @Renaultmilton (also here). Enjoy, and congrats on those whose Wendigo-themed creations were showcased! Pictures below as Continue reading Wendigo Wednesday #14

LBP Community Rewind: Episode 2

Round 2! Fight! Or… uh, recap! Yeah, recapping works too. Greetings! The second episode is here for LBP Community Rewind, a fortnightly Sackinima blog series that looks back over recent news and shenanigans for the ever-zany LBP community, submitted by members of the community itself (along with my own research). Continue reading LBP Community Rewind: Episode 2