LBP Community Rewind: Episode 2

Community Rewind Fixed

Round 2! Fight! Or… uh, recap! Yeah, recapping works too. Greetings! The second episode is here for LBP Community Rewind, a fortnightly Sackinima blog series that looks back over recent news and shenanigans for the ever-zany LBP community, submitted by members of the community itself (along with my own research). By ‘recent’, we mean within the last four weeks before each feature, and by ‘news and shenanigans’, that includes promoting anything ranging from levels, projects, contests, tutorials, fan art, etc.

We appreciate any content submitted that fits with Rewind’s goals, whether it’s been created by you or someone else. You’re welcome to share this content with us in the series’ appropriate thread on LittleBigNetwork, LittleBigForum, Sackinima Forums, or LittleBigPlanetarium. Or you can send the content over via Twitter to the official @SackinimaForums account! What’s sent to us doesn’t have to be much at all, and every contribution helps. 🙂 We’re also looking for a couple people who can help be a part of a Rewind team of sorts, helping me scour out community content along with whatever the community sends themselves.

Finally, thanks to niall-mag, AL2009man, and TheAliklumKnight for their contributions to Episode 2 via the Sackinima Forums thread. Time to Rewind!

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Contests/Creating Events:
– Darkcloudrepeat has started up his “Darkness Into Light” contest, which focuses on making a film/playable level using any sort of light source to help make one’s way through an area shrouded in darkness. Entry window is August 10th-17th. Prizes will be a choice of the €10 PSN credit OR €10 (or $,£ equivalant) donation to a charity of the winner’s choosing, so long as there’s a way to donate online for the charity chosen.
Darkness Into Light Competition

– LittleBigForum’s fourth crown competition, LBFC4: Together United, has officially kicked off. Coinciding with the fansite’s third anniversary, the contest will have you “create a platformer based on each of the characters from LittleBigPlanet 3: Sackboy, Oddsock, Toggle and Swoop.” The deadline is August 23rd.

– The results are in for the Sackinima-exclusive “Bossing Around” Competition by Dragonvarsity. Congrats to the winner mentioned in the spoiler there!

– Signups are now open for Create Marathon 6, which will take place on the weekend of August 1st and August 2nd. You can check out the official @Create_Marathon Twitter account for further updates and also sign up for the event on the forums.
Create Marathon

– On LBN, the Summer Postcard Contest or “SackFun in the Sun Contest” has just been kicked off by the sexy sack man, and has contestants “create a summer scene and post your picture in this thread for everyone to enjoy!” The deadline is August 16th, with the prize for the winning postcard being the LittleBigNetwork pin.
Summer Postcard Contest

– PlayStation Home’s Central Plaza Top-down Tour: Remastered by AL2009man:

Pipe City (Platformer) by AstroVita:
Pipe City (Platformer)

HUNGER by @ramkiba:

Ma’s Farm (Adventure!) by Peas:
Ma's Farm (Adventure!)

Boom Bang (2 player vs. level) by BLAHBLAH1000:
Boom Bang (2 player vs. level)

Magicians and Wands by Trayvargus:
Magicians and Wands

The Hunter of Hunters (BAC) by TheAliklumKnight:
The Hunter of Hunters (BAC)

Neon Dimension 3 by chronos453:
Neon Dimension 3

Rise of Rome [1P] by Shaggy Vinci:
Rise of Rome [1p]

[Boss Battle] Davy Jones’s Locker by TPC_0518:
Davy Jones's Locker

Ultimate Blast Force [1-4 Player] by SackboyFriend:
Ultimate Blast Force [1-4 Player]

LBP TENNIS by one-mad-bunny:

DirtBike Cross [1-4 players] by Sharfik:
DirtBike Cross [1-4 players]

Plastik Fantastik by Darkabbestia:
Plastik Fantastik

LittleBigPlanet Restitched by niall-mag (Help wanted!)

Project French Guard by Glitchfish and co.

Untitled Toggle Project by shookie99
Untitled Toggle Project

Return to Carnivalia by Trixel Studios (Creator signups here)
Return to Carnivalia

Untitled Bouncy, Water-Filled Level by @DavideJolly
Untitled Bouncy Water-Filled Level

Upcoming City Level by SR28
Upcoming City Level

Champion of Avengard by @Conduit_Flux
Champion of Avengard

Pairs – Unleashed by CuriousSack
Pairs - Unleashed

Untitled Level with Super Crazy Logic Going On by @FabFio71
Crazy Logic

Live on Stage – Time Dance by CuriousSack
Live on Stage - Time Dance

Sackland (RPG) by Nova

Don’t Let Them In by Kato
Don't Let Them In

Morning Hymn by CuriousSack
Morning Hymn

– Chrono Chrysalis by @Xyphas
Chrono Chrysalis

Swoop Slap by @HFMiles

Groovitron in Action by @LBPlombax7

Community Art:
StevenIsbell by @jak_1243

Fear Kratos by @ChudzinskiKevin
Fear Kratos

Art Requests/Gifts from June 6th to July 18th by @AntiLBPFan

Springinator OddSock by @LBPlombax7

Princess Amy Pud by @DragonRatTiger <3 <3
Amy Pud

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