Team Picks for July 24th, 2015

Hey, have you had your weekly dose of Team Picking goodness? Here, we see the creations Druidia, Ultimate Blast Force, and DUBLEX receive the lovely pink ribbon each. Congrats to those who had their levels picked, including SackboyFriend with his minigame Ultimate Blast Force, which you can also find in the latest episode of LBP Community Rewind and in DRAGON-CAT’s Level of the Day archives for the month of July.

Druidia by jaffakree

Ultimate Blast Force [1-4 Player] by SackboyFriend

{{DUBLEX}} by t567y-

Below is a  trailer for Druidia that was uploaded by its creator jaffakree himself back in February, along with recordings by LittleBigPlaye that I found for both Ultimate Blast Force and DUBLEX. 🙂

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