Get Your Wallets Out, Tearaway Unfolded Just Went Gold!

That’s right, folks, Tearaway Unfolded has just received the go ahead to be shipped to stores now that development has finished! A very welcomed bit of news, albeit not surprising considering how fantastic the game looks and following the success of the first Tearaway game back in 2013.

cheesey nibbles

The Media Molecule team, obviously delighted from the picture above (cheesy nibbles are always a win), have been working hard on the fun-tastic, artsy world that is Tearaway since its announcement last Summer and we look forward to watching the game unfold (sorry, couldn’t help it) when it hits stores later this year on September 9th.

All of us here at Sackinima will be bringing you the latest news regarding this upcoming masterpiece when it lands and we hope to have more information for you very soon, so stay tuned!


EDIT by Moley:
Can’t have a Gold post without taking us back down memory lane to this magical video from MM back in December 2010 when LBP2 went gold!

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