Media Molecule Took Questions for Tearaway Unfolded

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From August 7th to 11th, the crew at Media Molecule opened up on the PlayStation Blog and let people submit their questions regarding Tearaway Unfolded (and Media Molecule in general maybe, the post was sort of vague). Unfortunately, as it is August 13th here, I was a bit late on reporting this nice event before its entry window for queries wrapped up. Sorry about that! x) Better luck next time I suppose, if Mm decides to host another one of these discussions.

Here are a few fun questions entered in the comments section for the PS Blog post that I’ve decided to highlight:

“Can Iota’s hair be removable? because i will remake my costumes from the PS Vita versions of Tearaway.”
– renaultmilton

“- Tearaway Unfolded have Dreams super secret demo/beta?”
– TheLukasGamer

“As a dev house, you’re known for making games that are a bit different from the norm(in a good waySmiley Happy). How easy is it to keep coming up with new ideas, and how does hardware, such as DS4, help?”
– utio

Looking forward to the Molecules’ answers to some of these!

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