Behind the Dreams

Alex Evans has been at it again, giving a presentation at this years Siggraph. For those of you that are not aware, Siggraph is short for ‘Special Interest Group on GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques’ and therefore Alex should feel right at home! (No, I had never heard of it either…)

Dreams smiler

Alex’s presentation consisted of several different rendering techniques and used words such as “Gigavoxels” and “Volumetric Billboards”, which mean next to nothing to most of us, but it is a fascinating read nonetheless. All 145 pages of it.

Basically, the presentation is a moderner, nerdier and more confusing version of King Robert the Bruce and The Spider, but instead of King Robert the Bruce it is Alex Evans and instead of battling for Scotland’s independence it is trying to make a renderer that will work for Dreams on the PS4. I’m not sure what the spider would be. This is a terrible analogy. However, the moral is the same! If at first you don’t succeed – try, try again.

Or as Dory would say, “Just keep swimming, swimming swimming.”

Along with the words Alex seems to be making up (Come on, ‘Megasplats’??) we also got some really interesting development screenshots!

Flying thingdad moustached

We also get some snazzy graphs so Alex can show off some more nerdy stuff. 😉

mental graph

Here is a link to the full presentation should you wish to have a look through. Plenty more pictures and made up techy words for your enjoyment! –

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