LBP Community Rewind: Episode 4

Community Rewind Fixed

*Yawn* Hi there, this is Episode 4 of the Sackinima blog’s once-every-two-weeks LBP Community Rewind series. Recapping community events from across the LBP fansites and Twitter within the last two weeks (and whatever was missed in the two weeks before that), submitted by members of the community itself or just searched up by me. For this latest feature, there was unfortunately no community content submitted by people during the last two weeks, so I ended up locating and gathering all of the following together myself, and uh…. at the last minute. *Yawn* If you’d like to share yours or someone else’s LBP content that fits with what Community Rewind aims to share, then you’re more than welcome to send it over to the @SackinimaForums Twitter account. 🙂

..Or by posting it on one of the several Rewind threads, like the topic on Sackinima Forums,  LittleBigNetwork, LittleBigForum, or on LittleBigPlanetarium. Time to Rewind… zzzzzzz….

Contests/Creating Events:
– The August 23rd deadline for LBFC4 is approaching! Less than a week left to enter LittleBigForum’s character-focused crown competition.

– Today is the last day to enter for Darkcloudrepeat’s Darkness Into Light contest! Best of luck on creating a shining entry for it!
Darkness Into Light Competition

[Adventure] The Tale of LittleBigLand by TPC_0518:
The Tale of LittleBigLand

Where the Dust Settles… by shookie99:–
Where the Dust Settles...

Just for Fun Carnival(1959): The Giveaway by THE-UNKNOWN-ONE:
Just for Fun Carnival(1959) giveaway

R.e.t.r.o. 3 (revolution) by FabFio71:
R.e.t.r.o. 3 (revolution)

SackMaze by Littlebiglazer28:

Knight Rider Rollercoaster by peterdegrotere:

New Level: Disney Princess Pack Inspired/3 years in the making! 🙂 by JJ131319:
Disney Princess Pack

Hunting Season Boycott by Kaddler:
Hunting Season Boycott

Shapeshooters Reloaded by chronos453:
Shapeshooters Reloaded

A Simplicity Dream (Platformer) by SakuraLBPDragonX:
A Simplicity Dream

Multi-Tool Tank by TSFRJ:
LittleBigPlanet™3 (US)_20150730114843

Compression Tools by amiel445566:
Compression Tools

Murder in the skies by Jonarrthan:
Murder in the skies

Mini-Game: Tag by sactonio12:
Mini-Game - Tag

Cutoff Line by yu-kamone:
Cutoff Line

[LBP2]Sea of the Skeleton Monsters by tobari_kumoira:
Sea of the Skeleton Monsters

A Level with Tanks 2 [2-4p] by Shaggy Vinci:
A Level with Tanks [2-4p]

Hills of Silence episode 2 – The Darkness by ramkibainu:
Hills of Silence episode 2 - The Darkness

Cryomatic by R-V-2-0-1-3:

SACK BOY and the Seed of Destruction by @SAMURAI_LBP:

Ratchet & Clank: LEVEL UP by @LBPlombax7

Cardboard Land (Platformer) by Nova
Cardboard Land (Platformer)

Untitled Trip to Toxic Planet After Mysterious Distress Signal by Tomsnodgrass

Untitled Tower Defense Project with Darned Expensive Units to Pay Tower Defense Money for by t567y-
Untitlted Tower Defense Level with Darned Expensive Units to Pay Tower Defense Money For

Echoes PS4 by @Echoes_Game
Echoes PS4

The Curse of the Cheshire Cat by The Wiz
The Curse of the Cheshire Cat

Untitled Plant Root Challenge Platformer by MythicalGaming
Untitled Plant Root Challenge Platformer

Grandure of Nol [LBPMORPG] Sign Ups available! by cheese3323

Untitled Project with Zombie Stage Room by @SiPaNS_BOKUNO
Untitled Project with Zombie Stage Room

Cybernetic Force Series by JustinArt
Cybernetic Force Series

Hyakki Yagyo by Kato
Hyakki Yagyo

Solar Eclipse by ItzDennisz
Solar Eclipse

Songbird Project by @NoelJGillham
Songbird Project

Gravity (A retro platformer adventure) by DreJ1212
Gravity (A retro platformer adventure)

Dark Earth: The Haunted by Kato
The Haunted

LittleBig SMASH bros by Macasadia

HACK by @scarybiscuitlbp


Untitled Orange-Lit Caverns Project by @theflashback02
Untitled Orange-Lit Caverns Project

Project HILL by @acdramon
Project HILL

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