Dreambubble.me Fansite Set Up!


The lovely dreamers known as hyperdude53, leklack, tylerthehuman, KlawwTheClown, and mr_krispy_kreme have worked together to set up dreambubble.me, a shiny new fansite dedicated to Media Molecule’s upcoming Dreams! The site not only looks real pretty, but it’s also already got its own forums, wiki, news section, and chat set up for you to explore too! So feel free to drop by there when you get the chance. The forums have already reached over twenty members apparently and has several people hanging out in the site’s bubbly chat right now.

If you’re on Twitter, you can also follow the @BubbleDreaming account, which keeps track of the site and all things Dreams. You’re also welcome to chat about the fansite in the comments below or in the thread for it posted within Sackinima Forums’ Dreams subforum. Great job with the fansite, Dreambubble.me team, and happy dreaming everyone!

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