LBP Community Rewind: Episode 5

Community Rewind Fixed

Hello again! Ready for more of LBP Community Rewind? This latest feature like those before it includes some of the more recent LBP content sprouting from the community, may it be levels, projects, contests, etc. I hope you enjoy what’s been pieced together below, and be sure to check some of it out! Got any community content by you or someone else you’d like to share?

Feel free to send it our way via the @SackinimaForums account or via any of the threads for the Community Rewind on Sackinima Forums, LittleBigNetwork, LittleBigForumLittleBigPlanetarium, and now LBPCentral! Just make sure it fits within the timeframe discussed. We appreciate any and all contributions for this series of features. ^^

Time to Rewind!

Contests/Creating Events:
– The results have recently popped up for the LBN Summer Postcard Contest! Congrats to PotatoMuffins and his warm and wonderful postcard submitted. Be sure to check out Pookachoo’s shiny Summer Cards Collage made for the event by the way.
Summer Postcard Contest Results

– Darkcloudrepeat’s Ruination Create Competition has been announced! The goal for the contest is to design a level/movie where you explore the ruins of some sort of ancient/alien/etc. type of civilization. Deadline is September 27th with an original song and a €10 donation to your choice of charity as the prize.
Ruination Create Competition

– An ancient connection. (LBFC4) by Bombirds:
An ancient connection. (LBFC4)

Chapter 2: The Search for LittleBigLand by TPC_0518:


The Incredibles Super-Powered Showcase by Tomsnodgrass:
The Incredibles Super-Powered Showcase

Hyakki Yagyo by Kato:
Hyakki Yagyo

Introducing… LittleBigCrane! (LBP3) by TJ2010-OLYMPICS:
Introducing... LittleBigCrane! (LBP3)

[LBPC4] Special Delivery! by Caliboy4599:
[LBFC4] Special Delivery!

Blast Core by Lordwarblade:
Blast Core

Explosive Gardens! by jhonsiak:
Explosive Gardens!

Mirai Mirai by XZombieKing1999X:
Mirai Mirai

Cardboard Pillars (Platformer) by himoks:
Cardboard Pillars (Platformer)

The Hills of Silence episode 3 – The Nightmare by ramkibainu:
The Hills of Silence episode 3 - The Nightmare

Dragon Gem by dakrrs:
Dragon Gem

REALITY is an ILLUSION by Five-Ate-Five:

Project SPEED! (LBP3) by Tariq k.:
Project SPEED! (LBP3)

Climbing Sewer by Snoki69:
Climbing Sewer

‘Cascade (1P)’ my LBP3 level! by Halapino13:
'Cascade (1P)' my LBP3 level!

Solar Eclipse by ItzDennisz
Solar Eclipse

Firewatch Minipack by @GlitchMaster7
Firewatch Minipack

Back to the Future: Paradox by Mr_Fusion
Back to the Future Paradox

Ninja Cat 3

Phasing based game by LJRobey

Whack-a-Zombie by @DebonaireToast

Gladiator 3015 by Sharfik1995

Metal Gear Solid Project by @kiTpdT2FOJ4xhc8
MGS Project

– Untitled Snow-filled Journey by @Ep16877
Snowy Level

Pollution Man – [LBP3 Story] by Gionator23
Pollution Man

Sanctus Impius by @Darkcloudrepeat
Sanctus Impius

The Angel Academy 1P by snow-obsidian

Clean, Green, Untitled FPS Machine by @scarybiscuitlbp3D FPS Level

Chrono Chrysalis by @Xyphas

Untitled Ship-Maneuvering-Over-Eery-Rock-Place-Project by @Sam__Aspinall95
All you're getting

Untiled Carnival Wonderland Platformer by @theflashback02
Carnival Level


Community Art:

LBP Villain Hexafusion by @AntiLBPFan

Hexafusion Art

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