Wendigo Wednesday(s) for August

Wendigo 16-5

Hi there, folks! If you’ve kept up with the Sackinima blog over time, you might realize that there haven’t been any updates lately regarding recaps for Team Picks or Wedngio Wednesdays. Well, one of the reasons behind that is that I have decided to make both blog post series referring to the LBP/Tearaway features monthly as opposed to weekly! So I will no longer submit a new blog post each week for the new Wendigo Wednesday, but rather I’ll link to all the Wendigo Wednesdays with pictures attached from the last month together. The same goes for Team Picks.

This is so that these types of posts are more substantive and don’t end up filling the blog up too much like they used to. Now though, another reason why there haven’t been any recent added posts on this little ol’ blog for Wendigo Wednesdays is that they’ve been skipped some on the Mm blog. After all, the Tearaway Crew has been real busy from visting Gamescom and managing Press Day to taking questions and unveiling the Special Edition for Tearaway Unfolded among other busy activities (including being at Pax Prime right now!)

During August, we saw Wendigo Wednesday 16 pop up on the Mm blog, with the following showcased images shared with it (by @notrealniallmag, @Renaultmilton/renaultmilton, and @DiamondDiancie1 below, with Fineasz_ferb‘s featured shot above):

Wendigo 16-1

Wendigo 16-2

Wendigo 16-3

Wendigo 16-4

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