LBP Community Rewind: Episode 6

Community Rewind Fixed

It’s time for Episode 6, folks! For LBP Community Rewind that is, our little once-every-two-weeks feature that aims to showcase recent LBP community content that can range from levels and contests to projects and fan art and so forth. Your support for the series is appreciated, and if you’d like to send any community content from yourself or someone else, have at it! You can submit said content to the @SackinimaForums Twitter account or by posting in one of the selection of threads for Rewind on Sackinima Forums, LBPCentral, LittleBigForum, LittleBigNetwork, and LittleBigPlanetarium. Have fun with the feature below.

Time to Rewind!

Contests/Creating Events:

– The results are in for LBFC4: Together United! Congratulations to the rare crown prize winner along with second place, third place, and the honorable mentions.
LBFC4 Winner

– The deadline for Darkcloudrepeat’s Ruination Create Competition has been pushed back from September 27th to October 4th. To publishing window for the ruin-themed contests begins on September 28th.
Ruination Create Competition

My Pumpinator Sucks! by shookie99:
My Pumpinator Sucks!

Quiet Atoll (Platformer) by AstroVita:
Quiet Atoll (Platformer)

Bored to Death (Sackboy.exe Films) by THE-UNKNOWN-ONE:
Bored to Death (Sackboy.exe Films)

run! The City’s Edge by Coxy224:
run! The City's Edge

– Batman – Joker Bombs Gotham 1 player survival by lordwarblade:
Batman - Joker Bombs Gotham 1 player survival

Promo: Steampunk Hot-Rod-Race by bzr242:
Steampunk Hot-Rod-Race

Diddle Daddle Dave – Ep2 by clarkdef:
Diddle Daddle Dave - Ep2

Adventure Worlds by spiderdian-home:
Adventure Worlds

LBP2 Basketball minigame returns! by Joe:
LBP2 Basketball minigame returns!

Ice Sanctuary by Addictex:
Ice Sanctuary

Casino Airhockey [2-4] by FabFio71:
Casino Airhockey [2-4p]

– the fabelux steampunk flying circus part 2 -Junkyard City by ramkibainu:
the fabelux steampunk flying circus part 2 -Junkyard City

Copper Mine by dakrrs:
Copper Mine

Gunship by Scorpio1357:

Hidden Temple by sonic_boom81:
Hidden Temple

– Gladiator 3015 (top-down shooter) by Sharfik1995:
GLADIATOR 3015 (Top-down shooter)

– Bubble Bobble V3 [1-4P] by Hanfi1311:

the sacktrix by EnochRoot:

WWE Royal Rumble by PSDovito:
WWE Royal Rumble

Watch Out. Fish About! by sonic_boom81:
Watch Out. Fish About!


Codename French Guard by Glitchfish and co. (story spoilers in the video)

Pollution Man – [LBP3 Story] by Gionator23

Untitled Rocky Climby Platformer by TheFloppierSack

Untitled Rocky Climby Platformer

Star Chaser(?) WIP by Scorpio1357

Star Chaser WIP

Sanctus Impius by @Darkcloudrepeat

Sanctus Impius

Creepy Ghost-busting FPS by @scarybiscuit

Creepy Ghost-busting FPS

Untitled Bamboo Kingdom by @keisama_777

Untitled Bamboo Kingdom

Untitled Sun Set Ruins by @ConfusedSamuel

Untitled Sun Set Ruins

Nevturian by @bombirdlbp


HACK by @scarybiscuit


Community Art:

Wendigo Toggle Outfits by @hallm3lbp
Wendigo Toggle Outfits

Marlon Random Pin Up by @PinkNinjaArts
Marlon Random

Mister Pud and Son by @AntiLBPFan
Mister Pud and Son

Rick Sackperson Outfit by @hallm3lbp
Rick Sackperson Costume

Avalon, Clive, and Higginbotham by @PinkNinjaArts
Avalon, Clive, and Higginbotham

BUD and Sackbot by @AntiLBPFan
BUD and Sackbot

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