LBP3 Update 1.13 is Live, Adds Recommended Feature and More

LBP Update

Today marks the release of LBP3’s Game Update 1.13, introducing the new ‘Recommended For You’ section to the community filters! To quote StevenI on the new addition…

“What is Recommended For You?

It’s a brand new Community menu category that will generate a personalised list of level recommendations based on your Hearted Players activities.

So if one of your Hearted Players hearts a level or even publishes their very own level; you may see it pop up in your Recommended For You level recommendations.

If more than one of your Hearted Players hearts the same level; then you could very well see that level jump up to the top of your Recommended For You recommendations… Just asking for you to play it!”

You can read more details over on the PlayStation blog or on the update’s forum thread here. Comments on the new patch are most welcome, and you can check out screenshots that I’ve taken of the new ‘Recommended For You’ category as well as an apparently altered level start/options menu below. Hearting the creator and checking on a few of your pins via the level looks to be a thing now, while yaying seems to only be available through leaving a review.

Recommend Recommend 2 Recommend 3

Many thanks to LittleBigSnooth, who had originally typed up a post on the the new Recommended feature a few days ago. Since his posts do need to be accepted by a blog administrator though and the update released today while his post was still pending, I decided to go ahead and type something up on this myself (not having to wait for my posts to be approved).

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