Tearaway Unfolded Community Round-Up Series Starting!

Unfolded Roundup

Beginning today, a monthly series of Tearaway Unfolded community roundups will be popping up on the Mm Blog! These features are set to award players for their standout photos uploaded to both tearaway.me and Twitter, with categories changing or staying the same from episode to episode, depending on what sort of standout pictures the Tearaway crew spots each month. For the recently-released September feature, shiny paper medals have been handed out to @CheeseIsBeef for ‘Best Selfie’, @LBPlombax7 for ‘Best Messenger’, @MDKtm for ‘Best Landscape’, and @TheMindOfColi for ‘Biggest Derp’.

Congrats, everyone! The Molecules have chosen well. ^^

For more showcases of what the Tearaway community has to offer, you can look forward to the next episode of Wendigo Wednesday on the Mm Blog, and look over the most recent episodes of it there if you haven’t already. We’ll also have a recap for Wendigo Wednesdays throughout September next week, and don’t forget to explore tearaway.me and the lovely creations posted there when you get the chance!

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