One More Month Until Dreams at Paris Games Week!


Time is ticking, fellow dreamers! In just one month from now, on Sunday, October 27th, Sony’s PlayStation press conference for Paris Games Week will be happening, and that should include many more details for Media Molecule’s upcoming PS4 title Dreams. You can be sure to expect those new details to be shared here on the Sackinima blog as well as somewhere in the Sackinima Forums’ Dreams section. So stay tuned for that, and if you’d like a more precise countdown leading up to Sony’s Paris Games Week conference, you can always drop by the forums index and see where it’s at right now.

Speaking of, congrats to them for finishing up their first site challenge! You can see the results for it here, with the friendly Dreams-based fansite receiving a whole batch of new smilies. Also, thanks to Nitranon77 from LBPCentral for sharing the following Dreams-themed gifs as well as a screenshot taken a while back for Media Molecule’s ‘?’ page very likely filling in for Dreams, with a release date of January 2017 posted (unless of course Mm is trolling us somehow).



Dreams 1 Dreams 2 Dreams 3 Dreams 4 Dreams 5 Dreams 6 Dreams 7

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