LBP Community Rewind: Episode 7 (in need of Rewind Team!)

Community Rewind Fixed

Community Rewind. Episode 7. Let’s do this.

New feature for this series once every two weeks, recapping what LBPers have to offer. We’re grateful for any and all support, and that includes submitting content for us to share through here. You can send content for Rewind to the @SackinimaForums Twitter account or in any of the Rewind-related threads on Sackinima Forums, LBPCentral, LittleBigNetwork, LittleBigForum, and LittleBigPlanetarium.

That said, the vast majority of content here is collected by myself, so knowing that and everything else there is for me to take care of inside and outside LBP, I’d like to ask for people who would be willing to join a ‘Rewind Team’ of sorts to help send me links to related community content they find on Twitter or the fansites that’s been shared recently so that I can bring them together for these features.  If you’d like to be a part of this recapping crew, you can message me about it by commenting below, sending a message to @SackinimaForums, or sending me a message on the Sackinima Forums or LBPCentral.

Now then, time to Rewind!

Contests/Creating Events:

– The entry window has opened up for Darkcloudrepeat’s Ruination Create Competition, with the contest’s deadline being set on this Sunday, October 4th.

– samuasp’s first Creator Curations contest will be wrapping up this Saturday, October 3rd. It works similarly to the Contraption Challenges of yore.

– xavier227 is hosting the Fantasy Picture Contest, with an October 10th deadline for the poster-creating competition put in place.


Until Dawn {RPG} by THE-UNKNOWN-ONE:
Until Dawn {RPG}

Phantasm by nerd_dog:

tearaway unfolded LBP edition by ramkibainu:
tearaway unfolded LBP edition

TankMania – The Game by Peachii:
TankMania - The Game

The Matroshka Mysteries! by nggana25:
The Matroshka Mysteries!

Binary Overload 3D FPs by scarybiscuit:
Binary Overload 3D FPs

Jazz Platformer by LittleBlackadder:
Jazz Platformer

Christmas vs Halloween by todos-amigos:
Christmas vs Halloween

– Looking for more levels to queue up? You can check out the most recent Team Picks here, and for a more comprehensive recap of this month’s Team Picks, stay tuned for a separate blog post arriving later this week.


Tale of the Songbird by @NoelJGillham
Tale of the Songbird

Dense Housing Project by @kiTpdT2FOJ4xhc8
Dense Housing Project

Echoes PS4 by @Echoes_Game
Echoes PS4

Snowy Factory Project by @shookie99
Snowy Factory Project

Untitled Cabin in the Woods Project by @Fancyrocket
Untitled Cabin in the Woods Project

HACK by @scarybiscuitlbp

Untitled Ruins Project by @ConfusedSamuel Untitled Ruins Project

Gravity (A retro platformer adventure) by DreJ1212
Gravity (A retro platformer adventure)

The Coming Storm by @DISARMEDTWEETS
The Coming Storm

Obscure Shack Sequel by @SakuraLBP
Obscure Shack Sequel

Central City – RPG by SR28
Central City - RPG

Untitled Factory Exploring Level by @SiPaNS_BOKUNO
Untitled Factory Exploring Level

BWZ – Severage [TOPDOWNSHOOTER] by mdkd

Cybernetic Force by @JustinArt87
Cybernetic Force

3D Resident Evil style game by venat
3D Resident Evil style game

Tearaway LBP3 Project by @scarybiscuitlbp
Tearaway LBP3 Project


Community Art:

Avalon Centrifuge by @PinkNinjaArts
Avalon Centrifuge

Gravity Falls Outfits by @hallm3lbp
Gravity Falls Outfits

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