Team Picks for September Recap

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Howdy, players! Fall is here and September is nearing its end. Now it’s time for us then to gaze back at all the wonderful creations that were awarded the glorious pink ribbon of team-pickery over the course of these last thirty days, with names, links, and recordings included! Hope you enjoy, congrats to those picked, and have a happy October soon!

(Also, please excuse the awful gameplay later on in the MGSV playthrough. You can probably tell that at a certain point I decided to just run around carefree for the heck of it. Also, I accidentally missed the DotPut mode in BlockBox & DotPut, would have liked to have played more of Ricochet but I had to leave, got sooo close to finishing a particular level here only to fail, and had my brain melted by Amida Electric’s difficulty upgrade towards the end. Er… but at least I recorded all the videos this time! ..Eh?)

Also yes, I already recorded Pipe City for SBIS, so I decided to just post that video instead of having to record it again. Enjoy!



Pipe City (Platformer) by vita-3000

Special Delivery! by caliboy4599

Blast Core (Single Player) by lordwarblade

BlockBox & DotPut [level craft & dot paint 1-4player] 箱ステメーカー by pinkzep

Quiet Atoll (Platformer) by vita-3000

GLADIATOR 3015 (top-down shooter) by Sharfik1995

§ An ancient Connection § [LBFC4] by bombird

Amida Electric (Mini game) by simora2873

Ricochet [1P] by comishguy67

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