Tearaway Unfolded Art Contest/Interview on Sackinima Detailed

Need more Tearaway Unfolded? Well, you’re in luck! An interview had in 2014 with Media Molecule about their then-secret project Tearaway Unfolded has recently been uploaded to the Sackinima Youtube channel, and you can check it out above, with answers from both Lead Creator Rex Crowle and Producer Michelle Ducker (footage and audio courtesy of Andrew or Chimpanzee from Rocket Cheetah). Nice job with this, Moley and Chimp! And as you can see at the end of the video, more videos are still to come! For instance, Moleynator wants your thoughts on Unfolded to place at the end of an upcoming video. You can send them out to him in the comments for the following tweet:

There’s also a Tearaway Unfolded-themed art contest that’s been running over on the Sackinima Forums, which you can look at over here! It may have started two weeks ago at this point, but people still have up until the 14th of November to enter a brand new art piece relating to the game, and they can do so by tweeting the art to the @SackinimaForums Twitter account, posting the entry(s) in that thread, or by sending the art my way via a private message over on the forums. You’re also welcome to share the art in the comments section below, if you’d like (just be sure we can reach you if you win). Prizes for the competition include a Tearaway-themed poster and plushy, miniature interviews, featuring on the Sackinima blog, US-only PSN codes, and so forth.

We hope you look forward to the continued Tearaway support coming Sackinima’s way! 😀

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