LBP3 Update 1.14 is Live, Preparing for Back to the Future DLC and More

LBP Update

The latest patch is here! LBP3 Game Update 1.14 has just recently rolled out, promising changes to help get ready for the release of Back to the Future-themed DLC with a hoverboard powerup this Wednesday, October 21st (yes, the same future date mentioned in Back to the Future Part II!). This includes a number of updates and improvements to bendy rails, along with a couple stability fixes, other Create Mode solutions, and yes, solving the problem brought up with the “Battle of the Ice” music track from LBP1.

You can read up on all the details for 1.14 in the PS Blog post linked to above, and discuss the Back to the Future DLC releasing soon in this thread on the forums. Fancy images of the content can be gazed at below, showcasing Doc, Marty, Biff Tannen, and posters for the first two films (with a third to come perhaps?).





Biff Tannen


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