LBP Community Rewind: Episode 9

Community Rewind Fixed

Rewind 9, here we come! Yes, another entry for the LBP recapping series on the Sackinima blog, and if you’d like to see your community content or someone else’s content in particular featured, you can send it to the @SackinimaForums Twitter or in the Rewind thread for the following forums: Sackinima Forums, LittleBigForum, LBPCentralLittleBigNetwork, and LittleBigPlanetarium. Thanks for your support, especially to CuriousSack for taking care of finding content from LittleBigForum for this episode and DiamondDiancie10 for sending a few pieces my way for the last episode!

Time to Rewind!

Contests/Creating Events:

– Dragonvarsity’s Alien Planet Level Competition has been announced! The create-your-own-planet contest goes on until November 28th, with prizes including a creator interview, art requests, and more.

– The LittleBigNetwork Ghost Train Contest has ended as of yesterday. Stay tuned for the results! Prizes include a PSN code and a LBN pin, with entries by LBPCreatorKit, TSFRJ, scarybiscuit, and plenty of other creators.

Woomy’s Adventures | Introduction [1 Player] by Volklasse:
Woomy's Adventures - Introduction [1 Player]

The Hills of Silence Episode 3 -Nightmare Remasterized Version by ramkibainu:
The Hills of Silence Episode 3 - Nightmare (Remasterized Version)

BlueArea Platformer [1-4 Player] by  LBPCreatorKit:
BlueArea Platformer [1-4 Player]

Lumines Ultimate by Robo_Ranger:
Lumines Ultimate

Neon-Forest by Addictex:

Tomb of Tutensackmun 2 by Scorpio1357:
Tomb of Tutensackmun 2

Dystopia 2 by EnochRoot:

LBFMusic: Episode 8 by nerd_dog and LBFMusic:
LBFMusic - Episode 8

Museum Quest: The Holy Pick by Schnupsi:
Museum Quest - The Holy Pick

LBN Ghost Train – Bad Rabbit by avundcv:
LBN Ghost Train - Bad Rabbit

Cat Co. 2 by DawnBreaker_23
Cat Co. 2

Traffic Panic 2: Road Rage! by BillyAnderson9
Traffic Panic 2

Sacketeers Adventure: The Rise of Clockwerk by Glitchfish and co.

Common Colours (Vita) by Doggy97
Common Colours

Little Things (Movie) by CuriousSack
Little Things (Movie)

LBP3 – Dynamic Movie Camera (BETA) by AL2009man

Gravity (A retro platformer adventure) by DreJ1212
Gravity (A retro platformer adventure)

Central City – RPG by SR28
Central City - RPG

Battle with Zombies – Sandstorm by mdkd
Battle with Zombies - Sandstorm

3D Resident Evil style game by venat
3D Resident Evil style game

Masterpiece RPG Project (working title) by ironfist
Masterpiece RPG Project (working title)

Cursed trains 2 – Salvation [VITA] by mdkd99
Cursed trains 2 - Salvation [VITA]


Community Art:
Back to the Future by @AntiLBPFan

Shay and Vella by @hallm3lbp
Shay and Vella

Mrs. Sunshine by @AntiLBPFan
Mrs. Sunshine

– Clive and Avalon by @Turquoisphoenix
Clive and Avalon

Anti Victoria Von Bathysphere by @AntiLBPFan
Anti Victoria Von Bathysphere

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