Mm Dev Diary Streams 2-4, Plus Paris Games Week Soon!

The first of Media Molecule’s Twitch dev diary streams came and went at the start of the month, but what about the rest of Mm’s streaming shenanigans since then? For those of you who haven’t kept up with the studio’s other Developer Diary streams (like myself I must admit), you can check them out in the links below. I still haven’t gotten around to seeing them yet, so details of mine on each stream will be short and grabbed from the @mediamolecule Twitter account, as I have more blogging to do and more Mm goodness to look out for with their part in the Paris Games Week stream today!

You can view that stream over on the PlayStation Twitch channel at 5:45 CET, 4:45 GMT, 12:45 EST, 9:45 PST, and so forth. Speaking of Twitch, it looks like only the first Mm Dev Diary stream is also available on Youtube right now, so just a heads up there.

  • Episode 2 appeared on October 9th and seems to be split up into three videos, which can be viewed on Twitch here, here, and here. It includes viewing the Tearaway in-game editor, playing through Maypole Fields and checking out the secret squirrels, and doing some Q&A for Tearaway and Dreams.
  • Episode 3 popped up on October 16th and is divided into these two videos on Twitch. The dev diary shares insight on character development for Sackboy and iota with Kareem and Rex.
  • Episode 4 was streamed on October 23rd, with three videos of it to look over here, here, and here. It involves showcasing initial concept art for Dreams made in 2011, as well as announcing the fancy official name of the Dreams engine, Bubble Bath! The winning engine title was submitted by David Desu to’s Working Title site challenge. Congrats, David!


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