Sumo Digital GameJam Going on!

Yes, you heard that right. The first Sumo Digital GameJam (or SumoJam for short) is here! The fast-paced game development event was announced back on October 15th, with members of Sumo HQ competing in making their own video game prototypes, “for the chance to have their final prototypes expanded upon and developed into a fully-fledged, published game” (to quote James Megretton from the Sumo Digital website post linked to above). The SumoJam kicked off the day after the announcement on the 16th, with judging of the prototype entries to occur on Thursday, October 29th.

You can view a teaser of SumoJam’s progress above, and check out Sumo Digital’s time at EGX 2015 in this video (featuring James and David!). The folks at Sumo also hosted a super fly LittleBigPlanet 3 workshop at gamecity in Nottingham recently, with some pictures of the event tweeted out here, here, and here. We look forward to seeing more of what the folks at Sumo will be up to, as well as the results for their first ever SumoJam. 😀

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