Paris Games Week Recap for Dreams and More! Plus Mm Dev Diary Stream #5

We hope you’ve had a happy Paris Games Week, folks! The long awaited date of Tuesday, October 27th arrived, where we were able to view Sony’s PGW conference, including new footage and plenty of new details for Dreams by Media Molecule! The latest information on the game seems to be a bit scattered, but here’s some of it at least. You can watch the Dreams Stage Demo above, with details from the video highlighted on the main Dreams thread by TheAliklumKnight.

A few things worth noting:
-The player controls an Imp
-Doors seem to act as a level link
-The creator of the world controls how much the player can create with in the dream
-The Imp’s expressions change via the touchpad
-The Imp is able to take control of characters the creator has made, allowing for a plethora of different playable characters
-There is online multiplayer
-Tilt and motion controls are relied on heavily
-Play and create are blurred together”

You can chat about and catch up with Paris Games Week in general in this thread and see the latest Mm Dev Diary stream that just aired here, talking about Dreams as some of the Molecules were over with the folks at Quantic Dream’s office. In terms of other news on Dreams, it would appear that VR has been confirmed for it by Alex Evans, everything made in the game will be able to be exported to Unity and 3D printers even. You can view one of the creations made by Molecules in Dreams that they had 3D-printed below!

If you’d like to play around with a bunch of gifs, art, and screenshots of the game, you can do so by downloading the Dreams’ media kit at the bottom of the PS4 title’s full website here. As you can see, news for the game has been pouring out recently, including a Dreams beta coming 2016! Looking forward to it!

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