Sackies Approaching with Crowns Being Gifted!


Yep, the Sackies 2015 event is finally approaching! In preparation for this year’s celebration of user-made levels across the Imagisphere, the @LittleBigPlanet Twitter account has recently announced a new in-game category for LBP3 titled ‘Sackies Superstars’, currently made up of all the nominees for the Sackies Community Choice Award. There’s still a week left to vote for that here by the way, and according to the LBP Twitter, all Sackies nominees will be receiving shiny Rare Prize Crowns to fit comfortably onto their knitted noggins. Fancy!

Not only have Sackies nominees already started being gifted super cool prize crowns though. It turns out that LBP’s Community Manager StevenIsbell has been kind enough to also hand out crowns to other seasoned gadders like FreddyFerrari and DeKa1357 from LittleBigForum as well as our very own Ardministrator, ARD! Major congrats on the golden headwear, CogMonkey! You’ve certainly earned it. 😀

To add to the discussion for the Sackies by the way, you can visit the general forums thread set up for it over here.

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