LBP Community Rewind: Episode 10

Community Rewind Fixed

The start of the week is here alongside a brand new episode of LBP Community Rewind! So then, how’s about some more LBP recapping love and less Monday blues to think about on this fine day today. As usual, this look back on the Imagisphere’s latest community shenanigans includes content ranging from levels and projects to contests, videos, etc.

You can send recent content from you or someone else to be featured in Rewind to the @SackinimaForums Twitter account or to any one of the Rewind threads on Sackinima Forums, LittleBigForum, LittleBigNetwork, LBPCentral, and LittleBigPlanetarium. Apologies for the delay here, but those with a keen eye might juust notice that this wasn’t delayed by two weeks (to fit in with Rewind’s fortnightly schedule), but rather by one. This is because from now on, Rewind will be occurring once every three weeks, as opposed to two.

Not exactly the best news for the features to be popping up less frequently, but unfortunately, I’m pretty busy helping out elsewhere for the Sackinima Blog and forums too, and there just hasn’t been a whole lot of replies or content contributions to the series recently anyway. That’d still be 17 (likely bigger) features within a year at least!

Time to Rewind though! And thanks again for your help here, CuriousSack!

Contests/Creating Events:

– The results arrived for the LBN Ghost Train Contest, with the winning conductor/creator receiving a spiffy LBN pin and PSN code. Congratulations!
LBN Ghost Train

– The Alien Planet Level Competition by Dragonvarsity continues on, with a little less than two weeks left to enter the (literal) world-building contest.

– Thaia2013 announced the Thanksgiving Contest a couple weeks ago, where you must design your own Thanksgiving table by November 30th.
Thanksgiving Contest

– The results are also in for the LBN Halloween Chaos Pin Contest. Well done to the winner and runner up, and we hope you enjoy the LBN pin!


– Sacketeer’s Adventure: The Rise of Clockwerk – Chapter 1 by Glitchfish and co:

Traffic Panic 2: Road Rage! by BillyAnderson9:
Traffic Panic 2 - Road Rage!

Gravity (1 player) by DreJ1212:
Gravity (1 player)

Prism – Glitter Clouds [Music Giveaway!] by BillyAnderson9:
Prism - Glitter Clouds

In The Heart of the Ocean by ‏@kiTpdT2FOJ4xhc8:
In The Heart of the Ocean

LBFMusic: Episode 9 by nerd_dog:
LBFMusic - Episode 9

Multi-Gravity ‘Tech Test’ by spiderdian-home:
Multi-Gravity 'Tech Test'

Omphalodium by @weirdybeardyLBP:

Penny Pusher [1p] by FabFio71:
Penny Pusher [1p]

Ninja Senki by Dobbed:
Ninja Senki

Cybernetic Force Volume 1 – Team Hardware Rises Again! by JustinArt:
Cybernetic Force Volume 1

The Snowdome Before Christmas by @pskatoh:
The Snowdome Before Christmas

Zombie Rush by CommanderDerp244:
Zombie Rush

Office Elves by Scorpio1357:
Office Elves

– .:: Halloween or Christmas inn house [Hangout] ::. by Trent3134:
Halloween or Christmas inn house

Sack Snowboard eXtreme by EnochRoot:
Sack Snowboard eXtreme

Cursed trains 2 – INTRO by mdkd99:

LBN Ghost Train – Carnivalia of Terror by ramkibainu:
LBN Ghost Train - Carnivalia of Terror

Deathwish Intro, First level and First boss battle by CRASHER360:

Kaiju Kombat [2-3] by xxGIRxx:
Kaiju Kombat [2-3]

Hoverboard Dash by LouisPovGamer:
Hoverboard Dash

Cosmic Dream (Platformer) by himoks:
Cosmic Dream (Platformer)


Champion of Avengard by Verbal83

Simple Cities(City Simulator) WIP by magnumninja
Simple Cities (City Simulator) WIP

Pollution Man – [LBP3 Story] by Gionator23

Rising Fire RPG by ironfist
Rising Fire RPG

LBP Zombies Saga by Noxul
LBP Zombies Saga

My unfinished projects by mdkd

Paradox Protocol by @scarybiscuitlbp
Paradox Protocol

Operation: Deep Freeze by @shookie99

Echoes by @Echoes_Game

Untitled Foliage-Filled Castle Project by @NoelJGillham
Untitled Foliage-Filled Castle Project

Sackulese 3 by StJimmsAdiction
Sackulese 3

Far West Project by @theflashback02
Far West Project

The Kingdom by @scarybiscuitlbp
The Kingdom


Community Art:

Heart Holding by @osarusaru_LBP
Heart Holding

StevenI Bendy Rails by @yu_kamone_
StevenI Bendy Rail

Newton Pud by @AntiLBPFan
Newton Pud

Avalon’s Motivation Speech by @PinkNinjaArts
Avalon's Motivation Speech

Cute Villains by @AntiLBPFan
Cute Enemies

Marlon Random Fan-Art by @DragonRatTiger
Marlon Random Fan-Art

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