Mm Dev Diary Streams 6 and 7 Available!

The weekly series of Mm Dev Diary streams on Twitch continues, with Episode 6 available to view here, where molecules Michelle, Mark, and Kevin check out a favorite level for Tearaway Unfolded and Kareem does some live sculpting alongside Anton in Dreams. You can also take a look at Episode 7 of the livestreams right over here, which includes Michelle and Luci playing through more of Tearaway Unfolded before Liam messes around with the codebase for Dreams.

The descriptions for the streams will have to be cut short there though because life is busy and I haven’t had the chance to watch through these videos, but I hope you enjoy! The recent videos from Media Molecule look pretty entertaining, I know there’s an adorable pug named Martha in the most recent two, and here are several screenshots taken of the two recent livestreams below:

Stream 1

Stream 2

Stream 3

Stream 4

Stream 5

For more Dreams goodness, check out the beautiful pieces tweeted out here, here, and here by artsy molecules Jon Eckersley, John Beech, and Men Lu.

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