LBP3 1.16 Update Out Alongside Mirror’s Edge Catalyst DLC

New update and new DLC! The 1.16 patch for LittleBigPlanet 3 landed a couple days ago, mostly fixing DLC issues alongside a few other general issues in the game, which you can read about in the PS Blog post linked to earlier or below, quoting StevenI. Along with the latest update, a new costume pack based around Mirror’s Edge has just sprung up!

You can check out the new outfits with the pack in the embedded tweet above or over on the LittleBigPlanet website page, with forum discussion for it going on here. Looks like there may still be plenty of Mirror’s Edge levels to come!


Update Notes 1.16

General Stability

•Platforms and objects will no longer go missing in the Adventure Mode hub worlds after playing various DLC Level Kits.

General Fixes

•If a player has Hearted a Level Key, they will no longer be able to place it in Play Mode.
•Explosions will no longer cause Glued items to become unstuck.


Metal Gear Solid Premium Level Pack
•Fixed a progression blocker in ‘METAL GEAR SOLID® Act 4: The Level Factory’ that would prevent players from being able to complete this level.
Pirates of the Caribbean Premium Level Pack
•Fixed a progression blocker in ‘A Navy Frigate’ that would prevent players from being able to complete this level.
DC Comics Level Kit Premium Level Pack
•The Lantern Power Material will now display correctly in-game.
Beta Vest and Bug Blaster Costume
•If you previously earned the Beta Vest or Bug Blaster Costume and redeemed a code for these items on the PlayStation Store, you will now be able to locate these items in the in-game store to re-download.
Note: Due to the age of these items, they are located quite far down the Costumes page
You can either scroll down to there to find them or perform a text Search.
If you have not earned and redeemed these items previously, they will not be visible to you.

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