Sackies Finished, LBP3 Turns 1, Plus Free Prehistoric Moves DLC Incoming!

After a snazzy announcement and community choice poll that popped up in early October, a slew of congratulatory videos uploaded over the past week, and today’s livestream extravaganza to cap it all off, the Sackies 2015 event has come to an end. The LBP awards show revival was lots of fun to keep track of, and many thanks to Steven Isbell, David Dino, and anyone else involved with planning out this year’s level-celebrating event!

You can view the fancy livestream hosted by Steven and David right here on Twitch, with curtains, gold letters, and plenty more included. Congratulations to all who won or were nominated for a Sackie of course, and if you’d like to see the different announcement videos for many of the awards (the rest occurring in the stream), you can head on over to the LittleBigPlanet Youtube channel or applaud while watching them all below.

Before I get to those videos though, I’d also like to wish LittleBigPlanet 3 a happy birthday today! Yep, the game turns one year old on this here Wednesday, with the Sackies livestream and free DLC announcements making for a very sweet present to the members of the community. That includes a number of different LBP-themed avatars to pick up as well as the assets from Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves making their way into LBP3 tomorrow.

We appreciate all the hard work from the LBP staff here and look forward to future shenanigans from them and the vast LBP-loving community as well! Here’s to the Sackies, here’s to LBP3, and with the milestone soon closing in, here’s to 10 million levels as well! 😀

3 thoughts on “Sackies Finished, LBP3 Turns 1, Plus Free Prehistoric Moves DLC Incoming!

  1. The Sackies was an awesome experience 😀 Congrats to all who got nominated and who won! 😀 Thanks for posting DV as well! =3 I can’t believe I got mentioned as well o-o :D! Happy birthday LittleBigPlanet 3! 😀 And here is to 10 million levels! =3

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