Mm Twitch Live Stream Schedule and Tearaway 2nd Birthday/Holiday DLC!

First off, a belated happy birthday message to a little ol’ game called Tearaway! Media Molecule’s splendid papercraft adventure on the PSVita was released two years ago as of November 22nd last week. To see molecules Jenny and Richard play some Tearaway Unfolded and show off a bit of Holiday DLC for the game (releasing this week), you can check out the recent Mm Dev Diary stream from last week over here. The downloadable content should cost just 99 cents here in the US and includes four outfits/seven decorations for iota/atoi, which you can gaze at below.

The latest of Mm’s Twitch streams also has Peter, Mark, Johnee, and Steve “Big Guns” from the Dreams design team chat play around with the game and discussing it some. If you’re looking forward to more of Media Molecule’s Twitch streams and wonder what’s in store, then good news! Dates and details for the rest of this year’s streams have been compiled together recently into a nice and tidy schedule poster of sorts.

You can check out the stream schedule in the embedded tweet above or along with the Tearaway Unfolded Holiday DLC below. 🙂


Mother Christmas




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