Doctor Who DLC Announced for LBP3!

The Doctor is in for LittleBigPlanet! Or should I say Doctors? That’s right, the classic British Sci-fi series Doctor Who will be receiving four different costume packs in LBP3 throughout December, with further details below and in StevenI’s recent post to the PlayStation Blog.  First off, here’s the DLC’s trailer, passing right through the ol’ time vortex:

And further down are the details of all the downloadable content, courtesy of Steven. Are you a fan of Doctor Who, and is there a certain costume(s) or pack(s) you’re looking forward to in particular? How adorable is that Dalek Toggle outfit by the way, and how creepy is the Swoop Weeping angle one (or rather ‘Swooping Angel’)? Does it irk you that extra character outfits are being restricted to pack exclusives and can’t be bought separately, while the extra characters from LBP3 still lack variety in costume choices?

Feel free to discuss in the comments section below or in the Doctor Who DLC thread set up by Tomsnodgrass.

Twelfth Doctor Costume Pack (Released December 1st)

  • Twelfth Doctor Costume
  • Clara Oswald Costume
  • Half Face Man Costume
  • Skovox Blitzer Costume
  • Dalek Costume (Doctor Who Twelfth Doctor Costume Pack Exclusive)

Eleventh Doctor Costume Pack (Releasing December 8th)

  • Eleventh Doctor Costume
  • Amy Pond Costume
  • Silence Costume
  • Sontaran Costume
  • Weeping Angel Costume (Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Costume Pack Exclusive)

Tenth Doctor Costume Pack (Releasing December 15th)

  • Tenth Doctor Costume
  • Rose Tyler Costume
  • Cyberman Costume
  • Ood Costume
  • TARDIS Costume (Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Costume Pack Exclusive)

Fourth Doctor Costume Pack (Releasing December 22nd)

  • Fourth Doctor Costume
  • Sarah Jane Smith Costume
  • Davros Costume
  • Nimon Costume
  • K-9 Costume (Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Costume Pack Exclusive)

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