Mm/Double Fine Livestream Announced! (Plus more on Streams)


The Mm Dev Diary streams continue on, with the eighth in the series featuring Kitty Powers having occurred last Friday. You can check it out right here on Twitch, where Kitty, Mark, and Matt play through lots of Tearaway Unfolded. The ninth stream, coming this Monday (as opposed to sticking with the usual Friday schedule) just so happens to be a super special Double Fine/Media Molecule livestream event! This stream, filling in the mystery spot for the rest-of-2015 Dev Diary schedule was announced via Twitter the other day. We expect lots of Spaff for sure.

Streams 8 and 9 aside, Mm has also uploaded more of their Dev Diary streams to Youtube now! You can view their ongoing live stream playlist right here (although it does still seem to be missing a couple of the Twitch streams).

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